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Welcome To The German Pedigree Poultry Breeding Net

We are happy about every international contact! Foreign visitors of our website are invited to contact the representatives of our Association, the societies or our partners.
You are welcome to use all our information and communication features on our web site.

But first we would like, to introduce our organization: We are the Association for maintaining and supporting Fowl, Poultry and Water Poultry Breeding Societies (Verband der Hühner-, Groß- und
Wassergeflügelzüchtervereine e.V.– VHGW) ...

The VHGW - Who is that?

The Association for maintaining Fowl, Poultry and Water Poultry Breeding Societies is a registered society and one of three associations of the Organization of German Fancy Fowl Breeders (Bund Deutscher Rassegeflügelzüchter). Affiliated associations are the Association of German Fancy Pigeon Breeders (Verband Deutscher Rassetaubenzüchter - VDT) and the Association of Fancy Bantam Breeding Societies (Verband der Zwerghuhnzüchter-Vereine - VZV). These Associations take care of special poultry breeding societies. The members of those "special societies" within the VHGW are devoting with breeding of fancy fowl like geese, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and chicken (not Bantams).

Our special societies are organized nationwide. They usually specialize in one breed or in breeds with similar characteristics and are working close to improvement of European poultry breeding standards.

Eighty-two special societies and eight regional clubs are organized within the VHGW, all of them devoting with water poultry or fancy fowl breeding. Our Association has nearly 7,500 members, yet.

    *    The special societies are updating the standards for fancy fowl in cooperation with the Federal Committee for Breeding and Recognition of the Organization of German Fancy Fowl Breeders. They are caring, supporting and looking after the breeds, selecting animals for further breeding and are organizing special breed-shows. The yearly summer meeting is an integral part of the work of our special societies. Experiences in breeding are exchanged, interesting conversations on animal breeding issues and expert discussions take place amongst similar-minded persons in a friendly and social atmosphere. The most important event in every special society is the yearly main show, when expert breeders are exhibiting their recent breeding results into a fair competition.
      The special single societie is teaching and training their own experts for specialities of breed. They judge the birds on special shows and also on the big federal shows. The judges and the caretakers are informing the members by means of show reports in circulars and animal reviews about the actual breeding situation and the requirements for animals in shows, about what is to be improved, to be culled or to be kept.
    *  A highlight of our work is yearly VHGW federal show where the German champions of Fancy Fowl breeding will be determined. The host place for this show is always a big fair complex of a big city in Germany. The special societies take part with a special show or their main show. Besides the title "German Champion", the VHGM Band of Honor and the VHGM Medal are desired trophies of the show.
    *    Each year at 2nd weekend in August the representatives of special societies meet for their Federal Conference of the VHGW. Apart from the yearly meeting interesting expert lectures and honors of successful breeders take place . The association awards the VHGW Literary Prize for a good performance as author in the field of poultry breeding.

VHGW meetings are kept on regular basis. During the two day conference common issues in Fancy Fowl breeding are discussed with well known expert speakers.

We are an Association that promotes and supports Fancy Fowl breeding. That is why we would like to cooperate with committed breeders beyond Germany. We are looking forward hearing from you .... (contact)